Johnny Depp Gets Mad

by admin July 31, 2008 11:20 am
Johnny Depp Gets Mad

If you didn't already know, I'm sure some of you probably suspected that I am one of a--probably growing--population of people whowould pay 20 bucks at a theater on a Saturday night to watch Johnny Depp, even if it was just film of the man sitting in a chair for 90 minutes and reading from the phone book. He could even read from the lawyer section of the yellow pages and I'd be there happily forking over a Jackson for the pleasure. So, great news for the likes of me: It looks like Depp has signed on to play the Mad Hatter in Timothy Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland.

I would have gone to see Alice anyway, as I usually make a point to go see all of Burton's films just to see what kind of weird, dark shit he puts in them, but having Depp play the Mad Hatter is a brilliant casting stroke. Granted, it's not exactly unexpected, since Burton has a tendency to cast Depp in just about every film he makes, but that makes it no less awesome. In related news, no word yet on what part Burton's wife Helena Bonham Carter will inevitably play, though the part of Alice has already been appointed to relative newcomer Mia Wasikowska--an Aussie actress who's only work in the States thus far was in HBO's In Treatment. However, being that Bonham Carter's eye could act its way out of a murder rap, I am okay with whatever part she gets. The Queen of Hearts, anyone? The Disney film is currently in pre-production and scheduled to release in 2010. I've got 20 bucks I'm saving until then.




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