Nazis in Space and Other Improbable Movies

Edward Furlong is going to jail, but this time it's not for aiding and abetting lobsters. Instead, the actor will be starring in a brutal prison flick called Stoic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. What's so "improbable" about that? Our old pal Uwe Boll is behind the project, and he doesn't seem to be blaming anyone for anything in the process. But instead of finding a good script, he's leaving it up to the actors to improvise their dialogue. The MTV Movies Blog is reporting that the same will also be true for Janjaweed, Boll's movie about the Darfur massacre. "Everybody should be based on his own research of creating that character," says Boll. Plus, I imagine he doesn't have to waste any of his slim budget on a script this way.

In other improbable news, it turns out a bunch of Nazis have been floating around in outer space since just after World War II. It may sound like the plot of a modern-day "Springtime For Hitler," dreamed up by a new generation's Max and Leo, but it's for real. Well, a real movie, anyway. According to a report in THR Blind Spot Pictures and 27 Films Productions have just "signed a co-production agreement... for their planned Nazis in space film." The tagline for their Iron Sky: "In 1945, the Nazis went to the moon. In 2018, they are coming back." It looks like the project from the creators of Star Wreck is already generating some buzz: A teaser for the "dark sci-fi comedy" has received almost 350,000 hits (and largely positive feedback) since hitting YouTube two weeks ago.

Too bad those Nazis are still hanging out on the moon, according to the timeline of the movie. They're missing all their good press.




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