An Office Romance At 30 Rock

by admin August 18, 2008 12:48 pm
An Office Romance At 30 Rock Fans of 30 Rock and The Office rejoice! The stars of both shows respectively are teaming up to play a married couple in Shawn Levy's upcoming Date Night. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, masters of uncomfortable comedy and hilarious slapstick, will embark on a series of comic misadventures in the 2009 release. Variety says Josh Klausner's script "follows a couple who find their routine date night becomes much more than just dinner and a movie." Since Steve and Tina are married, I know one thing that won't be happening on their eventful date night: Sex!

I'm nervous about this one. Carrell has already milked the bad date cow to great comic effect in The 40-Year old Virgin. I don't think anything will surpass his scene with Mrs. Judd Apatow's barfing alcoholic or the speed dating montage. ("Gina?" "No, Jai-na!") Even more intimidating, this movie sounds eerily like the last date movie to combine two big TV stars at the top of their TV successes, 1987's Blind Date.

Directed by Blake Edwards (always feast or famine as a director), Blind Date starred Bruce Willis, then hot from Moonlighting, and John Larroquette, four-time Emmy winner for Night Court, as the current and former boyfriends of Kim Basinger. This was supposed to be a comedy, and the stars had been funny in other incarnations (yes, folks, Basinger can be intentionally funny -- see the sinfully underrated Nadine). Instead, Dale Launer's script dredged up one painfully unfunny sequence after another. As Willis' date night went from bad to intolerable, the movie followed. David Addison acted geeky, the narrator of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre acted psychotic, and the 9-1/2 Weeks lady veered between drunkenness and, well, more drunkenness. It has a happy ending, which I referred to as "the credits rolling."

I hope, hope, hope that the filmmakers have not seen this movie, nor Scorsese's After Hours, the movie where I rooted for New York City to kill Griffin Dunne as violently as possible. It would truly suck if I had to end my man crush on Carrell and my actual crush on Fey over a movie. Don't go breakin' my heart, guys.




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