Will Someone Cast Justin Timberlake as a Superhero Already?

Justin Timberlake must be some kind of mutant. The man can sing, dance and act (if his recent Emmy nomination is any indication), and he was recently in the running to play superhero Green Lantern, before he lost out on the part to superhero hog Ryan Reynolds, who has already played Hannibal King in Blade Trinity and Deadpool in Wolverine, and was recently given a Deadpool spin-off. If JT is interested in playing a superhero -- and Reynolds will give someone else a frickin' chance (Double-R backlash!) -- we think he should keep trying. In fact, we've come up with a batch of comic book characters that we think Timberlake would be perfect for.

The Flash (Justice League)
Hero to Hire: Reynolds once expressed interest in the role of the Fastest Man Alive, although which incarnation would have made it to the screen is a mystery. (The most famous one was a forensic scientist who merged with the Speed Force when he was struck by lightning in his lab.) There have been several Flashes in the DC Universe, and most of them could go toe-to-toe with Superman in terms of speed.
Why Would JT Do? The man has some lightning-fast dance moves, a slim runner's physique and he seems to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live every 4.5 seconds.

Plastic Man (Justice League)
Hero to Hire: Former criminal "Eel" O'Brien was a slippery customer before a chemical accident left him with a rubbery body and an even more rubbery brain. Now a Justice League member, the manic shapeshifter can turn into anything, as long as it's the color of his skin and his red leotard, and he wears some pretty dope goggles.
Why Would JT Do? Possessed of a manic energy on stage, Timberlake has already assumed the shape of a giant omelet, a soup can and a breast implant in his "dueling mascots" sketches on SNL.

Batroc the Leaper (Captain America)
Hero to Hire: Named for his gravity-defying kicking technique, the amoral Batroc is a master of the French martial art of savate, and was clashing with Captain America since before hating the French was cool. A mercenary, he works for the highest bidder and occasionally heads up his own team of villains-for-hire, known as Batroc's Brigade.
Why Would JT Do? Timberlake nailed the French accent and the preposterous mustache in The Love Guru, and that's one part of the movie we actually wouldn't mind seeing more of. Plus, the dude leaps, like, all the time.

Cannonball (X-Men)
Hero to Hire: This southern boy was drafted into Professor X's "New Mutants" program for his ability to "blast," an explosive projection that allows him to fly through the air and also renders him invulnerable. He comes from a big family, and all of his brothers and sisters have powers, as well.
Why Would JT Do? Despite his slick dancing moves and his ways with the ladies, Tennessee native Timberlake still has a kind of "aw, shucks" way about him that makes him seem polite and approachable.

The Riddler (Batman)
Hero to Hire: Villain Edward Nygma (E. Nygma, get it?) is obsessed with riddles... and with defeating Batman. Jim Carrey (and Frank Gorshin before him) played him as a buffoonish, leotard-clad counterpart to The Joker's suit-wearing maniac, but recent incarnations have portrayed him as being more dapper and reserved, wearing a tie, jacket and bowler hat.
Why Would JT Do? Timberlake straddles the line between charismatic cool and leotard-clad buffoon.

Electro (Spider-Man)
Hero to Hire: One of Spidey's oldest villains, skinny small-time thug Max Dillon got his incredible electrical powers from lightning (of course) and turned to evil, the most evil thing about him being his preposterous, lightning bolt-festooned costume.
Why Would JT Do? Sometimes Timberlake looks like a skinny, small-time thug. And he would rock the holy hell out of that lightning bolt costume.

Booster Gold (Justice League)
Hero to Hire: The man known as Michael Jon Carter played football in the 25th century, until a betting scandal ruined him. Stealing high-tech devices from the superhero museum he was reduced to working at, Booster traveled through time to the present to become a superhero and celebrity.
Why Would JT Do? Cocky? Athletic? Shameless self-promoter? Why do we think Timberlake would play this role well?

Dazzler (X-Men)
Hero to Hire: Allison Blaire is a singer as well as a mutant, who can turn sound into light of varying intensities, from blinding flashes to deadly lasers. As a pop star, she uses her powers to put on "dazzling" light shows, but she also wants to act. Her attempts to break into Hollywood got their own graphic novel, titled Dazzler: The Movie.
Why Would JT Do? Although the comic version of Dazzler is a woman, she's not so iconic that her gender can't be changed for the screen. Besides, the role is perfect for Timberlake -- a blonde, bubbly singer whose on-stage persona is also his superhero identity? Who loves music and puts on a great show but also wants to be taken seriously as an actor? It's the part he was born to play!

What superhero would you like to see Justin Timberlake play? Bring it on down to Commentville.




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