Chris Pine as Jack Ryan? OK, But Surely We Can Do Better Between Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne I'm not sure we really need a Jack Ryan franchise reboot anymore, but I do have a great deal of nostalgia for the Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford films, and wouldn't mind seeing the character come back from the Ben Affleck debacle of '02. Apparently neither would Paramount, as they have a script for a new film from The Wings of the Dove writer Hossein Amini and a new Jack Ryan in Star Trek (and Princess Diaries 2!) star Chris Pine.

So clearly, the new Jack Ryan is going to be in his younger years. It hasn't been released yet whether they are going the more bookish, Red October route or the slaughter-terrorists-with-his-bare-hands-on-a-speeding-motorboat-in-the-pitch-black-night Patriot Games route with the new Ryan, but something tells me they're probably going with the latter. And though there are far worse choices for this than Chris Pine (personally, I would've cast The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner, but for some reason I do not run Hollywood), I still wish they'd keep Ryan a little older, both because that's how most people fondly remember him, and to fully get the bad Sum of All Fears taste out of our mouths, and cast one of these people instead.

Eric Bana
Despite my feelings on The Time Traveler's Wife, I really do love Eric Bana, and am dying to see him in a huge, mainstream blockbuster that's worthy of his talent. You could say Star Trek was that project, but you couldn't really make out his face, and I'd argue that even though everyone in the world saw that movie, he still isn't a household name -- that movie was all about Chris Pine and Sylar. And that's a shame, because Bana has everything it takes to be a great Jack Ryan -- physically menacing, but able to pull off the sweet, devoted family man convincingly, and I buy him as a brainiac analyst.

Bradley Cooper
Ever since he put the Krav Maga hurt on Gina Torres on Alias I knew he should be an action star. Well, that and his dancing to Godspell numbers in Wet Hot American Summer. Being a badass is all in the hips.

Clive Owen
His name was discussed in depth by everybody when James Bond was being recast, and for good reason. He does that mix of cred acting and skull-crushing action incredibly well, and audiences are already comfortable with him.

Liam Neeson
He's not American either, but did you see Taken? That thing was crazy. Plus, and I know it's weird that no one has ever pointed this out before, he's a pretty decent actor too.

Jim Caviezel
Passion of the Christ kind of stuck him in weirdo land limbo, in terms of popular opinion, but he's another excellent actor who can elevate action material, plus he's going to be getting a lot of critical buzz soon for AMC's upcoming Prisoner remake. And I just think he deserves a second chance.

Russell Crowe
Just hear me out. He has a terrible public image and he's fat now -- I'm aware of that. But you know he really could de-fat himself and give a hell of a performance as Jack Ryan. Ahh, I can see the furious you-crushed-my-daughter's-spleen-with-your-kidnapper-van eyes now. It wouldn't be a bad movie.

Zac Efron
Just kidding! Not that I wouldn't eagerly pay 12 bucks to see if it Lorenzo di Bonaventura lost his mind and went this way with the new film. (Secret fingers crossed!)

Kiefer Sutherland and/or Matt Damon
They've both been playing this role for years already. See if they'll agree to a two-for rate and double cast 'em like child actor twins.

Your Jack Ryan picks? They can be young or old, but don't say Jon Hamm -- I thought of him almost immediately, but I remembered that that guy can't do action; he gets injured if you look at him wrong. Keep him out of the pool for his own good!




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