After Avengers: What Marvel Movies Should They Make Next?

With Iron Man 2 whipping everyone into a frenzy, and the promise of Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America for 2011, talk has turned to what Marvel movies to put out after The Avengers in 2012. Or even sooner; after all, the movies they're talking about aren't big blockbusters, they're smaller, less expensive films starring lesser-known Marvel characters. The best-case scenario would be 1998's Blade, which spawned a trilogy; the worst would be The Punisher series, or the straight-to-DVD Man-Thing. Of the thousands of Marvel characters in existence, several are being discussed (including sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange and urban hero Luke Cage) and films are already in the works for shrinking Avenger Ant-Man and the villain-spawn Runaways. But there are a ton of superheroes we'd love to see get the big-screen treatment, perhaps with an A-list hero making a cameo appearance. Here are a few that we think have big-screen potential.

The Inhumans
Not only do they have the coolest name in the universe, these mutated moon-people are pretty scary until you get to know them. Then they're just kind of creepy. Let's look at the lineup: A woman with prehensile hair. A burly guy with goat legs. A fish-man. A man with a huge skull who can break anything he hits. A man whose voice can level mountains, so he never talks. A giant bulldog who can teleport. Have them come to Earth to capture an escaped prisoner, possibly Maximus the Mad, and cross paths with some normal humans.
Cast: We'd cast Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans) as Medusa, since she was just in a movie with the real Medusa, and would coincidentally look good with a huge head of snaking red hair. If he came down on his price a bit, her co-star Sam Worthington could play the vocally challenged Black Bolt, because that way we wouldn't have to hear him talk.

It's hard to believe that one of the biggest Marvel characters of the '90s has yet to pop up in an X-Men movie, but perhaps his time-traveling origin was too much for one ensemble picture. The futuristic, telekinetic cyborg warrior called Cable comes from a dystopic future where he is locked in combat with his clone, Stryfe. Sadly, his parents in the present day (Cyclops and Phoenix) are both dead, but we can still see him coming back, Terminator-style, to prevent Stryfe from making some drastic change to the timeline.
Cast: If the evil Col. Quaritch from Avatar (actor Stephen Lang) is willing to scar up again, he'd be perfect to play the graying soldier-of-fortune.

After the X-Man known as Wolverine went AWOL from the government, a plan was put into motion to clone him and create another Weapon X. While most of the attempts were male, female versions were secretly developed on the side, with the 23rd attempt successfully resulting in a young girl who had Wolverine's healing factor, predatory instinct and razor-sharp claws. Given the popularity of tween ass-kicker Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, a movie about a teenage, female version of Wolverine seems like a no-brainer. Hugh Jackman cameo, anyone?
Cast: Although she's 21, Vanessa Hudgens (Bandslam) can still play a teenager like a champ, and she's the spitting image of X-23. Also, Disney just bought Marvel, and she owes them a life-debt, so that means she can't say no, right?

Great Lakes Avengers
Superhero comedies are always a hard sell, but if The Avengers does well, we can see them spinning off Avengers West Coast as well as their low-budget, more slapstick incarnation, the GLA. Since it would involve superheros with powers of dubious value, like the ability to get really fat and come back from the dead, the movie could be done on a budget with a cast of comedians, Mystery Men-style.
Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Kristen Wiig... No thespians necessary, just funny people who aren't afraid to look ridiculous.

Machine Man
Raised by his creator as a human named Aaron Stack, Machine Man is a humanoid robot with a soul, due to being exposed to extraterrestrial objects at his creation. Constantly on the run from the military, he attempts to blend in with society, but his humanity drives him to battle villainy wherever it may loom. Think of it as a less comedic Short Circuit, or a more comedic Meet Dave.
Cast: We need someone artificially handsome and youthful to play Aaron, so why not get the perpetually fresh-faced Zac Efron? And yes, we realize that's two High School Musical cast members we've name-checked in this article. Total coincidence, we swear.

Which Marvel superheroes would you like to see get movies? Let us know below, then check out our Summer Sci-Fi Movie Preview!

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