The Goldie Hawn Revival is in Full Effect, Y'All

Not only did Goldie Hawn unleash Kate Hudson on the world, she also unleashed a slew of films about bubbly blondes who get caught up in love, murder and international intrigue. With the recent announcement that Hollywood would be remaking Hawn's 1980 classic Private Benjamin with Anna Faris and 1987's Overboard with Jennifer Lopez, it seems like goodwill towards her films is at an all-time high, so we figured we'd get in on the ground floor of this new Goldie Age and pitch remakes of some of our favorite Hawn vehicles. Here are the movies that we'd like to see re-done and who we'd like to see star in them.

There's a Girl in My Soup (1970)
The Plot: A bubbly American 19-year-old visits England and falls for a cranky, fortysomething celebrity chef.
The Casting: Let's get Dakota Fanning in there to play the Hawn role, and maybe Gordon Ramsey to play the chef. It'll be rated R for the language alone.

The Sugarland Express (1974)
The Plot: With her son about to be taken away from her by child services, a desperate woman gets her husband to break out of prison so they can go on the lam as a family.
The Casting: Has Rachel Weisz ever gone blonde? We think she could bring the drama, while Mark Wahlberg could bring the action as a con who loves his wife and son.

Foul Play (1978)
The Plot: A San Francisco woman is drawn into a plot to kill the Pope, and has to dodge assassins with the help of a police detective.
The Casting: Jessica Alba seems to have the right combination of looks and problem-solving skills to save the pontiff, and Ashton Kutcher could play the serious-for-a-Chevy-Chase-character cop role.

Swing Shift (1984)
The Plot: While her husband is away serving in World War II, a woman starts working at an airplane factory, befriends an ex-musician and falls for another guy.
The Casting: Make the main character the musician, and bang, you've got Lady Gaga's first starring role. If she can look good in a Muppet dress, she'll look good in coveralls and a kerchief.

Protocol (1984)
The Plot: A cocktail waitress saves a visiting dignitary from an assassin, and is invited to work for the state department as a glorified hostess.
The Casting: This is one of the few Hawn roles that we feel could be pulled of by the Goldie Child, Kate Hudson. After all, she'd pretty much be playing a not-terribly-bright Hooters girl.

Wildcats (1985)
The Plot: A football-loving track coach quits her job to take over an inner-city football team.
The Casting: Charlize Theron has the height to get in a football player's face, while pretty enough not to be taken seriously by narrow-minded jocks. If she smells Blind Side-flavored Oscar buzz in the water, she's in.

See why we think the Overboard remake is a bad idea, then tell us your favorite Goldie Hawn movie below.




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