Superman Movie Adds Kevin Costner, But in What Role? And Why?

Kevin Costner has always done his best to let the world know how big a hero he is. Whether it was saving Native Americans, saving England or becoming a mailman-prophet, The Costner has always risen to his own sense of greatness. Well, now he's going to play second fiddle to the greatest hero of all, by taking a supporting role in the new Superman movie. Common sense points to him playing Pa Kent, the salt-of-the-Earth purveyor of folk wisdom that made Superman into what he is, which gives him bragging rights to everything his son does, but Pa isn't the only fiftysomething man in Clark Kent's life. Here are some other supporting Super-roles we'd like to see him mix it up with.

Perry White
The editor of the Daily Planet and Clark's boss, Perry is usually played as a barking 1930s stereotype -- including in the Christopher Reeve movies, where he was played by 1930s child star Jackie Cooper. We can see Costner playing White as an editor of few words, who prefers to let his pen do the talking -- just like he did in Message in a Bottle! I'm crying already!

Lex Luthor
Costner doesn't always play the hero -- he was a murderer in Mr. Brooks, a bank robber in 3000 Miles to Graceland, and one of the producers of Waterworld. So why not have him go full-evil, shave his head and play the man who wants to kill Superman? Usually, Lex is played with a flair for the theatrical, explaining his plans to whoever will listen, but a Luthor with a flat delivery and a reluctance to share his thoughts might be just what the reboot ordered.

Prof. Emil Hamilton
We aren't sure we buy Costner as the brainy type, and can't think of a time he's ever played one, but put any actor in some glasses and a lab coat and you've got an instant scientist. And Costner certainly sounds boring enough to be the guy who answers all of Superman's Science & Technology questions. The man could be the voice of Wikipedia.

Morgan Edge
Arguably not as evil as Lex, Edge runs television station WGBS and, as new(ish) media, he is therefore the sworn enemy of an old-fashioned paper like the Planet. He also has his own right-wing talk show on the network, Edge of Reason. While that last bit may be a bit of a stretch for Costner, rumor has it that he played a Silicon Valley tech wizard in Rumor Has It... Can we get the writers to integrate Kryptonite-powered iPads into the storyline? K-Pads?

General Zod
The Kryptonian villain has been reinvented and reintroduced a dozen times, but Terence Stamp's portrayal of the super-soldier in Superman II was alternately vicious and humorous. As we've said, Costner has played villains before, and he even had super-powers (kinda) in Waterworld. But can the man trade blows with the young dude playing Superman? Hey, if Harrison Ford can still punch Russian soldiers at 66, a 56-year-old Costner should be able to... Hmm. This argument isn't going the way I thought it would. Forget I made any mention of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Who would you like to see Costner play in Superman? Let us know below, then see what other DC superheroes need TV shows!

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