Some Friendly Career Advice for Michael Cera

As I've mentioned 12 to 15 times, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing/throttling/spooking Michael Cera when he happened innocently into my local dive bar to film a scene from the forthcoming movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. So I feel a strange protective ownership over the film. This, coupled with my age-inappropriate love for Cera, made me uniquely stoked to watch the trailer [via Videogum] for said movie, which hits theaters in October. But -- get ready for the haterade -- I am gonna have to say that after watching the thing, I am super not impressed.

Yes, Cera is darling as usual (though perhaps he ought to think about stretching those actorly muscles so that we know he can do more than "clever but bumbling and awkward"). Kat Denning, who plays his lurv interest, is equally delectable as the romantic underdog who gets the guy. But -- and I really hope I'm wrong about this -- the trailer pretty much reveals the entire plot, which is nothing more than a series of indie rom-com tropes we've seen a thousand times already. I was just thinking the other day that Cera has yet to make a career misstep, but I might've been tempting fate with that declaration; this thing looks like a throw away. A cute, mildly amusing throw away with a good soundtrack, but a throw away nonetheless. I suppose if you're going to make a misstep, this isn't the worst thing you can stumble blindly into. It's certainly no License to Wed (I'm talking to you, John Krasinski).

That said, Cera is sure to redeem himself with the other projects he's got coming down the pipe, including a welcome screen adaptation of the brilliant, cult YA novel Youth in Revolt and a similarly awesome-sounding interpretation of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. All's not lost, I suppose. I just ask, Michael -- can I call you Mike? -- that you avoid any script with Robin Williams' name attached to. Just trust me on this, mkah?




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