Howard Stern Rocks

by admin July 31, 2008 3:06 pm
Howard Stern Rocks

Gag. In the interest of full disclosure before I even get into this story, I will admit to you right off the bat: Howard Stern, with his raunchy humor and more than a little misogynistic style, is not my favorite person. In the same spirit, I must also admit that like many, many other people in the greater Los Angeles area, I am one in a long line of people who has worked for Roger Corman, and being that he's a really nice guy and also gave me my first job out of college, I have a soft spot for the man. So imagine my surprise this morning upon finding out that my two worlds of like and hate have collided: Stern announced this morning that he will be producing a remake of the 1979 Corman classic Rock 'n' Roll High School.

The original, which starred the Ramones as a punk band that helped a throng of rebellious high school students thwart their rock-hating principal, was one Corman's most successful films and has long been a cult classic. Many of you have probably recently seen the trailer for the remake of Corman's other famous cult classic, Death Race 2000 (which has been renamed simply Death Race) starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen. And while Corman is getting producing credit on Death Race, there's no word yet on whether he'll get the same for a Rock 'n' Roll remake. Nevertheless, Stern said he acquired the rights to the remake because he was such a fan of the film (he's also recently secured the rights to remake the 1982 raunch-fest Porky's, of which he is also a huge fan, thus confirming what I've long suspected about his blue-ribbon tastes in modern culture -- I do love Roger C, but his films are... not the greatest). A studio has not signed on yet for distribution, but Stern did manage to get Bill S. Preston, Esquire, Alex Winter, suddenly more in demand that Keanu, to write it.

The only real question now is which modern band they'll get to help today's rebel teenagers rise up against The Man. They'll also probably be hard pressed to find a modern Man who still hates Rock 'n' Roll. Have fun, Stern!




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