Sex and Death 101

by DeAnn Welker March 31, 2008 12:07 pm
An excuse for Simon Baker to have hot sex with a lot of hot young women, Sex and Death 101 has the following premise: Roderick Blank has the perfect life, until his secretary (Natalie from The Facts of Life) opens an email he receives containing the names of all of the women he's had sex with -- and all of the women he ever will have sex with. This sets up some sort of storyline where he can't focus on the woman he's about to marry because he's too busy trying to find the people who come after her on the list. And then there is some sort of freedom fighter all over the news, named Death Nell (no, really), played by Winona Ryder (no, really). And, can you believe it? She turns up on Simon's list. (Hence the "Death" portion of the movie's title.) What happens after that...honestly, does it really matter? It's all so ridiculous that it almost sounds terrific. I said almost.

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