The Visitor

by DeAnn Welker April 7, 2008 11:45 am
Another movie about the ripple-effects that each of our actions have on everyone we come into contact with and everyone they come into contact with and so on, but this one actually looks to be worth watching. Richard Jenkins of Six Feet Under fame looks devastating as a lonely guy who returns home to find strangers living in his apartment. He lets them stay, of course (because that's what we all do when we find squatters living in our apartment), and his actions have consequences: He learns something about the world -- in a good way, at first, but then in a bad way when one of the squatters is arrested. As an illegal in the country, he's sort of screwed. But Richard keeps visiting, and learning, and the repercussions are surely to be more in the realm of putting good into the world than the other thing. The inspiring strains of the trailer music tell me so. Reviews by people who've actually seen it:
Hollywood Reporter
Rotten Tomatoes




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