Encounters At The End Of The World You never know what you're going to get from Werner Herzog, do you? This time, it's Antarctica, which is as mysterious and fascinating as just about anything, so I guess it makes sense that the director of majestic documentaries like Grizzly Man and Little Dieter Needs to Fly (which, in turn, became the fictionalized Rescue Dawn,) would want to explore it. Herzog narrates the trailer, which means he's probably made himself part of the film like he did with Grizzly Man. He does so in a completely organic, anti-Michael Moore way, which works to draw viewers further into the film instead of pushing them away (a la Moore). The trailer is mostly just a collage of different images of Antarctica: people, ice, drilling, seals, underwater shots. This makes it hard to get an idea what the film is actually about, but knowing Herzog, I'm guessing it explores the inherent strangeness of the extreme locale and the people who choose to live and work there. In other words, probably not your typical Discovery Channel nature doc (though this one is from Discovery).

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