Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Kit Kittredge is not exactly the type of movie I follow. I'll admit that I enjoyed the American Girl books when I was a kid, but back then they were still new -- there were only four girls and none of them was named Kit Kittredge. In other words, I have had absolutely no exposure to this story before now. My first reaction -- as any sane person's would be -- is WHY IN THE HELL IS ABIGAIL BRESLIN TRYING TO BE DAKOTA FANNING?! Okay, so, Kit has short blonde hair. I get that. But don't we have enough Dakota Fanning clones, without talented, likable Abigail Breslin turning into her? I have to hope and pray that this is a one-time thing. Not that Abigail's choices have been impeccable up to now (remember Nim's Island? How could we forget that, after all?), but I'm holding out hope that she'll have another shining moment the likes of Little Miss Sunshine. Kit Kittredge is not it.

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