The Last Mistress

by DeAnn Welker June 26, 2008 2:10 pm
The Last Mistress If you hate period pieces and foreign films, The Last Mistress is so not the movie for you. But it's fun and sexy, judging by the trailer, so you might want to rethink your disdain for those genres. The scenario: A grandmother is planning her young, aristocratic granddaughter's marriage to a ruffian. Grandma approves of him because she knows he loves her granddaughter even if he's not of the right social status. There's just one other minor little thing that's not so likable about the lad. What was it again? Hmmm ... let me think. Oh, right: He has had a mistress for ten freaking years! I'm sorry, was I shouting? That's because this is not the proper marriage granddaughter deserves. Particularly because it looks like the affair is still going on, and that it's hot and sexy, and involves one Asia Argento (hence the hot and sexy). Oh, and did I mention she also appears to be crazy? See, he's over her and in love with dear granddaughter, but Asia will not give up easily. She stalks him, watches him with his new love, even slices his face with a knife (though, to be fair, I think this is supposed to be during a sexual encounter rather than a crazed, stalking one). Still, it's sort of hot and sexy. You'll find yourself rooting for the crazy girl, not the meek granddaughter that we barely see. I mean, the movie's named after the mistress, so she must be the one who gets the guy in the end, right? Because as we know, in the movies, the bad girl always wins. At least in French ones. Oh, did I mention this film is directed by the lady who did Fat Girl? That means we might actually have a shot at something cool and different.

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