Diminished Capacity While his better half was making a movie that ended up being a big summer hit, Matthew Broderick has been staying within the world of indie film for a while now. Diminished Capacity is no exception. Broderick plays a cartoonist who's seeing a therapist (or perhaps a medical doctor; it's not clear). We know there are problems, though, because he tells the doctor things are improving: "I've stopped throwing up when I drive."

But in his life as a cartoonist, he's not okay, which we know when we see Thatcher Grey (his boss, it seems) telling him that the thought bubble arrow should not be facing the dog, and that maybe he should get away for awhile so he can come back the old Cooper. We all know what going away for awhile means, right? He's going to discover himself or find love or at least the answers he's been looking for. You know, like Paul Giamatti did in Sideways.

Next thing we know Cooper's running into Virginia Madsen in the grocery store at whatever vacation place he happens to be. (Maybe this really is another version of Sideways.) He seems to know her, and asks about "Lloyd." She tells him they're "done," so the door appears open for a Cooper-Virginia Madsen love story. There's a catch, though (isn't there always?): Cooper's "vacation" is actually staying with his crazy uncle, played by a scruffy, accented Alan Alda. Without much explanation or exposition, Alan, Virginia, and Matthew head to Chicago -- land of craziness and Bobby Cannavale, according to this flick -- to sell a baseball card. Virginia and Cooper kiss. Alan and Cooper bond. Then we see the doctor again, but she's talking to both Cooper and his uncle. It's your typical depressed-guy-visits-crazy-uncle-and-they-both-go-to-a-city-with-a-pretty-lady-to-sell-a-baseball-card-and-heal movie. What a cliché! The movie looks fun enough, but I am certainly left wondering if there's anything left to see with a trailer that gives so much detail that I ended up feeling like I've already watched the whole movie.

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