Sukiyaki Western Django

If you're lucky enough to live in New York, you can see Sukiyaki Western Django right away. If you live anywhere else in the country, you'll have to wait awhile. But if you're a fan of acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, or of westerns, it will probably be worth the wait. If it's strange to see "Takashi Miike" and "western" in the same sentence, it probably won't be for long. Sukiyaki is his reinvention of the genre. The trailer has Quentin Tarantino praising the film (and narrating it), which can be seen as either a bonus or a distraction. The movie itself looks like a bloody, action-packed, Japanese western (no; it's not an oxymoron, thanks to Miike). There are good guys and bad guys (reds and whites), lust for the sexy temptress, greed, and... automatic weapons? I guess when they said they were reinventing the western, they really meant it. It looks exciting and bloody and filled with callbacks to more traditional spaghetti westerns -- everything a film geek could ever ask for.

Reviews by People Who've Actually Seen It:
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