Ghost Town

by Nicole September 16, 2008 4:37 pm
Ghost Town You'd think Ghost Town would have me more excited than it does. After all, I love Ricky Gervais with the kind of love that makes me list anything he does when asked for my "favorites." But there's a small caveat: these favorites are limited to shows. And I do love any show Ricky's in. I also was more than a little bit addicted to his podcasts (I even bought the Karl Pilkington book and the CD). But here's the thing: Ricky was in Night at the Museum and its upcoming sequel, so forgive me if I'm a little skeptical of his film work.

That said, after watching the trailer, I'm cautiously optimistic. Because Ricky's cranky here -- and the only thing better than a cranky Ricky Gervais is a hopelessly cranky Ricky Gervais. Add what looks like a very likable Greg Kinnear, and I'm sold. Even the sort of ridiculous plot looks entertaining: Ricky's not a people person. And then he dies. For seven minutes. Next thing you know, he's surrounded by all of the dead people who need tasks done for them. If he can complete this one for Greg Kinnear, though, the ghosts all say they'll go away. He just has to stop Greg's widow (Tea Leoni) from marrying a jerk. And the presumption is that she will instead end up falling for Ricky, also a jerk. Despite all of this, it looks good. And seeing Ricky in a starring role in a movie should have Gervais fans all over the world completely giddy.

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