by DeAnn Welker September 19, 2008 10:40 am
Hounddog It's been hard to like Dakota Fanning for a while, what with her being the only little girl anyone would cast in anything for a number of years. But she might be poised to grow up and impress us all. First indication: her role in Hounddog. The trailer opens with her belting out the song that gives the movie its title - the Elvis version, of course. She has a thing or two to learn about that song, the blues, and life in general, though. She has to learn to fill up the emptiness and weather the abuse in her life with something other than just Elvis (she does love him; she even sees him and shrieks in such a way that you might start to dislike her again). This movie generated a great deal of controversy because of a rather graphic scene in which Fanning's character is viciously raped. And that is obviously terrible, horrible stuff. She didn't have to go quite so far, really, but it is nice to see the young actress showing she has real acting chops playing something other than the cute, sunny, happy little girl in ... everything that was released for a five year stretch.

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