Breakfast With Scot

by DeAnn Welker October 10, 2008 4:37 pm
Breakfast With Scot It's a good thing we don't make a habit of judging movies based on first impressions, or we'd totally hate Breakfast With Scot for the main photo on its website alone. Oh, wait, that's totally how we judge movies here. So yeah, what is with the creepy-looking kid in the weird clothes? And, speaking of clothes, why do there need to be so many different colors coming at me here? It's hurting my eyes! This is a "message" movie, and the message seems to be: Root for the Toronto Maple Leafs. No, seriously, that's the message. Because it's the first time a professional sports league has allowed the use of its team name, mascot, logo, and more in a gay-themed movie (or TV show, if you'll remember the Pittsburgh Ironmen on Queer as Folk?). So score one for the Maple Leafs. But what about the movie? First of all, we are supposed to believe Tom Cavanaugh, who is nearing 45, is a professional hockey player. Really? Oh, and also, he's gay. And he and his partner end up somehow adopting a kid. And this kid is the craziest-looking kid in the history of cinema. Anyway, nothing about the trailer was a bit compelling or made me want to watch at all. Except for those Maple Leafs, of course. Go Maple Leafs!
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