Filth and Wisdom

by DeAnn Welker October 14, 2008 4:56 pm
Filth and Wisdom There's really only one thing to talk about when it comes to Filth and Wisdom: It's Madonna's directorial debut. Yes, the same Madonna who had never made a good movie choice in her life. And, really, I've never held that against her. After all, music has always been her thing, so her film career didn't have to matter. Until now. Because if you are going to try your hand at directing films, and directing isn't your chosen career, I'd hope your past movie experience would at least give us a glimpse into why it's a viable option. Madonna's does not. Really. She was okay in Evita and A League of Their Own, but okay is not enough.

And then there's the trailer, which tells us very little -- other than that Madonna was influenced strongly by the directing, casting, and storytelling techniques of Guy Ritchie. Go figure. Oh, and it's British, of course. Because Madge thinks she is, too. And it stars Gogol Bordello lead singer Eugene Hutz as the corruptor of his two female roommates -- one a ballet dancer and one an anorexic pharmacist. Hutz plays a guy named A.K. who's the lead singer of a band called Gogol Bordello in the movie, too. It's very confusing. Oh, and he's sort of the narrator and pauses the movie to wink at the camera, etc. It's trying to hard, just as you'd expect from Madonna. The best thing that can be said for this movie is that it's only 81 minutes long so if it is torture, at least it won't go on forever.

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