I've Loved You So Long Kristin Scott Thomas might well receive an Oscar nom for her star turn in the French film I've Loved You So Long. Already a film festival and critical darling , it follows two sisters, on of whom -- Scott Thomas's character -- just got out of prison after 15 years after serving a sentence for murder. So you just know her character will be dark and complicated - just the type of role that makes for meaty acting -- and that there aren't enough of for women in Hollywood. (Remember, this film is French. And it was made by a writer and university professor, not by a famous filmmaker.)

All that said, the conceit is honestly a little absurd: Scott Thomas's much younger sister, who's basically a stranger to her, invites her to move in with her after her release from prison. FOR MURDER. Did I mention said younger sister is married with two young children? Not exactly a situation that you want to bring a convicted killer into. Then again, I'm sure something like this has happened before. Maybe it's even based on a true story, like every other movie claims to be these days. I'm guessing if it's no good, it will be worth seeing for Scott Thomas's performance alone.

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