by DeAnn Welker October 24, 2008 2:31 pm
Passengers Do not mistake Passengers for Rachel Getting Married, that other, better Anne Hathaway movie currently in theaters. No, Passengers is the one that had its release date delayed a week before it was originally supposed to hit theaters. Since delayed release dates tend to be a sign that something's wrong with a movie, I'm going to count that as strike one against Passengers. Second strike against it is that cheesy announcer guy in the trailer, all "There were ten survivors of flight 117." Okay, we get it. It's about some passengers or something. And then there's the fact that Patrick Wilson's character comes back with "a gift" in the form of superpowers (mental and physical) that seem to be on Heroes levels of ridiculousness.Oh, and strike four (I know; there are only supposed to be three; whatever): Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson appear to be naked together in a scene in the trailer, even though he's HER PATIENT. Maybe that's part of her treatment regiment? There are a couple things working in the movie's favor: Hathaway and Wilson both tend to be good, and are both pretty to look at. And there are lots of other good actors in the movie, too (Andre Braugher, David Morse, and Clea Duvall among them). But all of the acting in the world cannot make up for the ridiculous conceit and competing storylines. Oh, and the movie is about Wilson's character, so I think Passenger might have been a more appropriate title. Or Hero.




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