Run For Your Life

by DeAnn Welker October 29, 2008 11:53 am
Run For Your Life The documentary Run for Your Life tells the story of road runner Fred Lebow, who created the New York City marathon (the world's largest marathon, by the way). If you don't know much about Lebow, you might expect some superstar runner who you couldn't relate to, but Lebow was just a slow runner (one person interviewed in the film says he ran like a duck) who cared about New York and wanted to bring people together through running. There was Scotch involved, and other irreverent stuff you'd never expect in a marathon. But Lebow did end up being truly inspirational: He wanted the marathon course to go through all five boroughs, even though people were worried about crime in the Bronx, because he wanted it to be New York's marathon. And it was, and still is to this day. He's credited with helping spur the country's fitness craze that has since become such a dominant part of our lives and culture. So, okay, I take back the stuff about him not being some superstar runner; he was. But he was also just an ordinary guy who did something extraordinary. This type of documentary is a lot more fun to watch than those on some more heated controversial topics.

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