Tru Loved

by DeAnn Welker October 20, 2008 4:12 pm
Tru Loved Don't you just love when you watch a movie that's supposed to send some sort of positive message about gay rights, but instead falls into the trap of using every gay stereotype in existence. Because it's funny! Gay people are so funny. Tru Loved is such a movie, even if it's trying to disguise itself by having its title character be a straight girl named Tru. (Also, giving your character a weird name just so that you can use it as a pun in the title automatically lowers the quality of your movie; keep this in mind, filmmakers). Anyway, Tru has two moms (and two dads). Her moms move her from the safe gay haven of San Francisco to ... somewhere more homophobic. She meets a closeted gay football player who her extremely gay dads tell her is extremely gay. And then she meets another gay guy, and since she's straight, she decides to start a Gay Straight Alliance. Which, wait, I think I saw this episode of Queer as Folk already. You know, what with the Gay Straight Alliance and the closeted gay football player, I wonder if Tru will find a boyfriend? Or if she'll get her closeted gay friend to admit he's gay in front of the whole bigoted school? Don't let me ruin the ending for you, but I'm guessing both of these things will happen. Then all of the gay people and straight people will live happily ever after, thanks to Tru (Loved!) and her Gay Straight Alliance. I love the movies!

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