I Can't Think Straight

by DeAnn Welker November 20, 2008 12:58 pm
I Can't Think Straight The tagline for I Can't Think Straight is "Just another British, Indian, Muslim, Arab, Christian, lesbian Romantic Comedy." Pretty clever, if a little on-the-nose. But, hey, if your movie concept is original enough that stating it matter-of-factly still makes it sound different, why not go for it? Of course, it's not the first lesbian film made by and about women from a culture that is intolerant of homosexuality (you know ... even more intolerant than our culture). Fire was way ahead of the curve on that, after all. And honestly? Fire was probably a lot better than this one, judging by the wacky hijinks in the trailer. It looks like I Can't Think Straight is trying really hard to be funny about a subject that's not all that comical.

Take this line, for instance: "She's what? But some of my best friends are Lebanese!" Ha! So hilarious that someone would confuse lesbian and Lebanese! I guess I should just be happy it wasn't another thespian/lesbian joke. And the running gag about how our main character, Tala (Lisa Ray), has been engaged a million times, only to call it off? Hysterical -- if you missed all ten seasons of Friends, which spent years milking the "Ross has been married and divorced three times" joke. When a movie stoops to reheated sitcom material for its jokes, it's sort of a bad sign.

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