Otto; Or, Up With Dead People Otto; Or, Up With Dead People appears to be equal parts zombie movie and soft-core gay porn. I'm honestly not sure what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish with this trailer (which is more of a music video than a trailer, really, because it's all about the imagery and music, with not a bit of plot). It basically shows orgy/bathhouse scenes interspersed with a zombie taking bites out of a bird, feathers and all; and scenes of gay men kissing in various places (um ... places as in locations; the kissing seems to mostly be on the lips -- at least in the trailer) along with scenes of creepy-looking burials and cutting up meat. Really. It doesn't give me much to work with. It's the type of movie that's trying incredibly hard to be edgy, and doesn't accomplish very much other than alienating people. Sure, it was a film fest selection, but when exactly have film festivals been all that choosy anyway?

The movie was made by filmmaker/photographer/gay porn star Bruce LaBruce (not his real name). That's right: gay porn star. Look at what Diablo Cody has unleashed on the world; now everyone who's ever stripped or had sex for money is going to think they're the next Ingmar Bergman. The synopsis on the film's official site tells me there is a plot here -- something about a zombie who used to be a gay boy and someone making a zombie porn movie -- but if I can't find it in the trailer, you're not trying hard enough to sell me on this movie or you don't have enough material there to sell it. Either way, the movie loses.

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