Quantum of Solace

by DeAnn Welker November 11, 2008 12:21 pm
Quantum of Solace Warning: I am not a James Bond fan. I just cannot get into the spy, gadgety thing (though I loved Alias). That said, I am so excited for Quantum of Solace, I can hardly stand it. There are two reasons: 1. Daniel Craig. I used to think there could not be a person better suited to play James Bond than Pierce Brosnan. But then, I'd never imagined Bond could be this sort of rougher-edged (but still hot, sleek, and sexy) type. Craig disproved me, and everyone. 2. THAT TRAILER. OMG! SQUEE! AWESOME! Oh, I'm sorry. I'm supposed to be able to contain myself. But come on! That trailer makes this look like the most breath-taking, serious-action-movie Bond movie in the history of ever.

Here's what the trailer features: cars speeding across the desert, Bond speeding through way-too-small caves/tunnels in his car, guns, Daniel Craig filling out a suit and bowtie better than any other person has, a great big hologramish eye (and $20 bill), a creepily innocent-looking bad guy, a Bond girl trying to kill Bond, a tattered Bond and Bond girl trekking across the desert, car chases on narrow cliff-side roads, snowfall, Bond leaping from one building to a veranda on another, long shots of Bond running on a rooftop, explosions, shattering glass, love scenes, a watercraft lifting off out of the water into flight. Seriously, all that and Daniel Craig? What's not to like?

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