The Secrets

by DeAnn Welker November 25, 2008 12:33 pm
The Secrets The Secrets looks like a truly engaging, enjoyable (if dark) movie that will probably appeal to only a select few, no matter how hard they try to sell it. First of all, it's a foreign film. And it's also about orthodox Jewish women, who have at least one secret they don't talk about: someday they believe a woman will be a rabbi. There seem to be other secrets too: One of the women killed a man for love. Oh, and two of the women are in love. Or at least making out in secret behind hanging clothing, even though this is forbidden (we know this by the ominous music and the fact that one of the women marries a man anyway). Not exactly a film that screams blockbuster, but it will appeal to the arthouse crowd it's intended for.

That's why it's a little insulting to the arthousers that whoever made the trailer felt the need to let us know every single festival it was part of (it won Jackson Hole! How exciting! And prestigious! You'll notice if you follow the link that Jackson Hole Film Festival has closed, which makes it even sadder) and everyone who gave it a positive review (they actually quote from someone at this site but I challenge you to find the review there).




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