Moscow, Belgium

by DeAnn Welker December 22, 2008 11:12 am
Moscow, Belgium

Moscow, Belgium sounds like it must have been made by someone who failed geography, right? No, it's actually about someone who's probably bad at geography, because she's sort of bad at everything: relationships, driving, staying calm in a crisis, sarcasm, dating, choosing men... And those are just the things that happen in the trailer.

Thankfully, it's always fun to watch people flail about, mucking up their lives and the lives of everyone around them (I mean, at least in a comedy; it's less fun in a tragic drama, I'll grant you). And the film's in Flemish. I'm not sure if it's Belgium's official Oscar selection, but with a limited release right here at the end of the year, it very well could be. I can tell you this: It has far too much humor and laughter to win the foreign language Oscar. Those movies have to be downright devastating, it seems, even to get a nomination. To win, they have to be so sad that viewing them causes actual, physical pain. In other words: Don't look for this one at the Oscars, but if you aren't subtitle-averse, and you like to laugh at people doing ridiculous things (and, seriously, who doesn't?), head for Moscow, Belgium.

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