Nothing Like the Holidays Four Christmases better watch its back, because another holiday movie has arrived, and Nothing Like the Holidays has an added element of diversity, with cast members such as Luis Guzman, Freddy Rodriguez, John Leguizamo, Alfred Molina, and ... Debra Messing? Wha...? Which one of these is not like the others?

Judging by the trailer, Debra Messing is the fish-out-of-water at her husband's (Leguizamo's) family Christmas. Only it's not clear why she's so confused about how they act (thinking their "conversating" is arguing), because she's been around long enough that they think she should have five or six kids already (because, see, Latino families have a lot of kids, and can't understand this crazy white woman who doesn't want that; so funny!). But then the movie shifts when the matriarch of the family tells everyone she's leaving their father. So they decide to do something big, which evidently consists of taking down a tree in the front yard. With a car and a chain tied behind it. (What, their chain saw was broken?) You can guess how that goes. It's not clear what the movie's about other than: family! Holidays! Christmas cheer! Which might just be enough, if Four Christmases topping the box office the past two weeks is any indication.

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