Revolutionary Road

by DeAnn Welker December 25, 2008 11:12 am
Revolutionary Road

Oh, I know what Revolutionary Road is: It's the one where Jack and Rose grow up and move to the suburbs and become unhappy. You know, the alternate ending to Titanic. (It's actually a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, directed by her husband, Sam Mendes, but this is not so much what the movie is as about first impressions of it, so I'll continue.)

The trailer shows an older Kate and Leo meeting when they're young (and, really, these two still look so young it's an easy sell). She's swept off her feet by his talk of Paris and how he's going there the first chance he gets. She's never met anyone like him. And his name's Frank Wheeler. But then they move into any old house in the suburbs and he becomes any old Frank Wheeler. But then he misses the city and she complains about how they're like everyone else. It's very Mad Men, actually. And then they have kids, and he basically tells her he's staying even though he hates life. They fight, and fight, and feel trapped, and are miserable. But they both hope they're okay. It feels really small, but it's Mendes, who does neighborhood drama about as well as anyone, I'd say.

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