The Unborn

by DeAnn Welker January 6, 2009 3:57 pm
The Unborn My favorite thing so far about The Unborn is that the official site prominently features a gadget to "Create a TERRIFYING personalized possession video for your friends." Because, you know, nothing shows your friends you care like scaring the crap out of them.

The movie is about a girl (Odette Yustman, better known as the hot college girl from October Road -- at least to the five of us who watched it) who apparently had a twin that died at birth (and she never knew about him), who is now haunting her, thanks to some creepy kid she babysits for telling her "He wants to be born now." This twin keeps appearing to her, apparently because he wants to be born now (kids say the darndest things, after all...), and he needs her help/wants her to die/blames her for not being born in the first place. It's not clear. But the twin also makes many strange and completely illogical things happen in the trailer, such as: making the little kid she's babysitting turn into a scary demon and then hit her in the face; change the iris color of our main character, creating a second of her that is above her bed watching her sleeping self being cuddled by her gross, unborn, little boy brother, sending an overly flexible old man up her stairs in a hospital gown. A totally creepy old man. Then a whole bunch of people try to exorcise the twin from her -- people such as Idris Elba from The Wire (why is he in every scary movie ever? The Reaping, 28 Weeks Later, Prom Night) and Gary Oldman -- causing even more mayhem and inexplicable, scary stuff, such as bright lights coming on, doors flying open, people being pulled through walls, a raincoated being without a face chasing a girl. I realize you have to suspend your disbelief to really be into horror films, but this might be asking too much.




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