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You Say Potato, I Say Egg Yolk?

Elizabeth and Will are next up. With her headphones and blindfold on, Elizabeth squats like she's taking a poo and everyone thinks it's weird and hysterical. Ramsay even tells her to stand up. This show is like a prison yard. They get cauliflower first and both guess broccoli, which I guess should be some consolation later. Easy mistake. Next, lobster. Will guesses mushrooms and feels like an idiot when he hears the real answer. Elizabeth guesses cod. At least her guess was from the animal kingdom. Up next is pumpkin and Will guesses sweet potato puree, while Elizabeth guesses butternut squash puree. Not crazy, but their teams are beside themselves. Then, they get mushy peas. Elizabeth is confused. She, uh, she, uh, doesn't know. She doesn't know. Finally, she just guesses spinach. Will? He guesses "mushy peas." Perfect. He wins but still feels like a loser.

Paul and Jennifer go up against each other. For chicken, Jennifer guesses turkey. So does Paul. Paul gets asparagus right, but Jennifer guesses celery. Natalie thinks she's an idiot. Thankfully, none of these mercenaries are competing to be head chef at Cafe Empathy. They both guess walnuts when given pecans. Jennifer had the good taste to add, "Chef Ramsay put nuts in my mouth." These people want to cook for you. When they get cheddar cheese, Paul guesses, "PARM!" That guy and the screaming. Also, hard cheese. Will yells that he's pulling his "Italian Card." Do us a favor and just pull his larynx. Jennifer gets it right and Will says he knew she would because she's from New England. I get it. Vermont.

It's down to Elise and Natalie. It seems Natalie would be aces at something so academic, right? Elise says that she has the best palate of the group and is about to prove it. Up first is filet mignon and motherfather if Elise doesn't get that shit right! Natalie guesses turkey. Boo. "You're welcome, Red Team," she screeches in an interview. Does anyone in the world love that version of Elise? This though: For Brussels sprouts, Natalie guesses parsnips and Elise guesses water chestnuts. I don't mean to be that guy, but I don't think I could ever misdiagnose a freaking Brussels sprout. They both get coconut right and Carrie gives Elise some props. So, we have a tie-breaker. It's sour cream. Will says aloud that he hopes Natalie doesn't guess crème fraiche. She guesses crème fraiche. Elise guesses...commercial break.

This Katie Holmes horror movie looks like her life, I mean, good. We're back and the score is tied. Elise guesses...sour cream! She does indeed have the best palate. Worst attitude. Best palate. Natalie is devastated because she didn't go with her first instinct. Chef Ramsay tells the Red Team that they are going to the Hollywood Hills for a gourmet lunch. And, they're going on horseback. They all get cowboy hats. Elise is thrilled because she's never been horseback riding.

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