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Many Happy Returns

Moments later, Nucky emerges from his office to tell his assembled flunkies that the returns are in and Atlantic City has a new mayor: Edward Bader. Congratulations all around, and Nucky pulls Bader in to whisper something in his ear. Bader then thanks his cohorts for their support, then turns to Sheriff Halloran, thanks him for his "long and meritorious service to Atlantic City," then promptly relieves him of his duties. Halloran thinks this is maybe a joke, but O'Neill turns to him: "Relax, kid. It's what Nucky wants." Bader then reinstates Eli as sheriff. Nucky offers a toast to his brother, who is conspicuous in his lack of reaction.

Jimmy crosses the room, not reacting much to Nucky's "There's a new sheriff in town" pleasantries. Paddy Ryan -- that up-and-comer who Nucky wanted to make Jimmy second-in-command to in the pilot episode -- greets Jimmy, who is clearly not going to give this guy anything approaching warmth or good humor. Paddy remarks that Nucky's been real good to him. Jimmy, looking to start a fight, says Nucky's must've pimped out Paddy's mother too, then. Nucky hauls Jimmy off into the foyer, where Jimmy rattles off some more complaints about how Nucky will use anyone to advance his agenda, down to 13-year-old girls. Jimmy's starting to sound like Eli with all the whining. Again, Nucky maybe could do better than to defend himself by saying the Commodore "took good care" of Gillian when she was but an orphan. But still, Jimmy kvetches that Nucky looking out for him was out of guilt. Nucky's like, "Guilt, duty, the fuck difference did it make to you?" Jimmy says he thought Nucky loved him; Nucky says he's not his father. Jimmy decides to maybe go take it up with the man who IS his father, despite Nucky's urging that he go home, sober up, and be with his wife. Jimmy yanks his arm away and says, "Stop pretending you give a shit!"

Margaret, Nan, and the kids sit at home and eat their Irish Fortune Cake. Nan, of course, finds the ring in her slice of cake, taking it as iron-clad proof that Warren will make her his bride. "First Lady of the United States," she muses aloud, like the damn fool she is. Margaret asks what she'll do if Harding doesn't send for her, which of course offends Nan greatly. And then Margaret pulls the rag out of her cake, underlining her greatest fears. Oh, Ireland. You can even make dessert mournful and desperate.

Van Alden's boxing up his things in his office when he gets a visit from Lucy Danziger, drowning in fox fur and rouge. Surprise, surprise! She's pregnant! Is this demon spawn growing in her belly the sign from God that Van Alden asked for? Does this mean he needs to stick around for next season? Will he take Lucy SHOPPING for maternity clothes?

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