A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Kathy is out attempting to fly her kite, but it won't fly because, she says (according to this editing anyway), the "tensions are just too high." She tells us Paschal thinks that Sean and Vecepia have been up to no good since the beginning of the game, and so she decided to go fly her kite. Kathy tells us she will "invariably get voted out" if she goes into the final three with Paschal and Neleh. She's trying to figure out how to get into the final two, and she's beginning to believe that Sean and Vecepia are her answer.

Now Kathy tells Sean that if she allies with him and Vecepia and they make the final three, they have to be fair. She says that she's the odd man out as the "white girl," and Sean tells her not to say that, so she says, "I'm the white mama" instead. Sean points out to Kathy that Vecepia has switched sides on him a few times, and Kathy agrees that Vecepia "moves around a lot." Sean responds that people just assume his loyalty to Vecepia is "brother and sister." In a confessional, he tells us that Kathy doesn't like the alliance between Paschal and Neleh, and he thinks she's leaning toward voting one of them off. Kathy tells Sean that neither Neleh nor Paschal will be a big adversary, and then deems it a "wide open game," because the immunity challenges are no longer physical. So does that mean she thinks mental challenges are a lock? As long as they don't involve following or giving directions.

The sun sets, and we see flames; a clip of a little wooden plaque that reads, "The warrior who made the kill"; bones being tossed into a wok; and three little not-so-angry- looking, still-exploited tikis. It's challenge time, and we're clue-free for the second week in a row. Yippee! Peachy takes back the necklace from Vecepia, seats the S5, and jumps right in. He explains that their success in tonight's challenge will depend on their ability to answer a series of questions about a story he'll tell. There are six stations around the area (which can only be occupied by one person at a time), each containing a question and two possible answers. Correct answers are rewarded with a tiki to be worn on a necklace; and wrong answers get the bone -- literally -- which then needs to be "sacrifice[d]" into a distant "fire wok." Peachy snits, "So a wrong answer will cost you valuable time running to the wok!" The first competitor to answer five of the six questions correctly and cross the finish line with five tikis wins immunity.

Peachy then launches into the story about the beauty of the Marquesas and its history "steeped in violence." Peachy explains that the area they are sitting in was once home to a legendary warrior named Keikahanui. He does not say that Keikahanui is now rolling in his grave. Anyway, here's the story in brief: Keikahanui was one bad-ass dude. He had lots of tattoos, was chief of his tribe, infiltrated a rival tribe, learned their battle plans, wrapped some sea urchins around his foot, smelled really bad, dressed up like Princess Leia, grabbed a war club, took a shortcut, ambushed the war party, killed the chief, ate his ass, revealed his true identity, and then united the two tribes. Peachy explains that all of this happened "on this very spot." Meanwhile, Neleh's face is horrified as she thinks, "If I win this, I have to eat somebody's ass?"

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