A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

So the challenge begins, and they're off and running with their torches. I'd think running with torches was pretty much off-limits according to the same tenets as running with scissors, but not on Survivor, it seems. They live dangerously. Peachy runs behind the S5 like the dork that he is. We see Neleh answer her first question, which reads, "The meatiest part of the flesh was reserved for...." She chooses "the warrior who made the kill," over "the chief of the tribe," gets it right, and collects a tiki.

Next, we see Kathy answer a question: "The war club was made from...." We don't see the other choice, but she picks "wood" and scores a tiki.

Sean reads, "A mana stone was used to...." and deliberates between the two choices: "crush the skull of the dead" or "capture the spirit of the dead." He picks the first answer and gets a bone, so he's off to make a sacrifice at the fire wok.

Now it's Vecepia's turn. Her question is: "Keikahanui disguised himself for battle by..." and the answers are kind of a trick question, but not really. Between "gathering his hair into two buns" and "wrapping his feet with two sea urchins," she goes for the urchins, and gets a bone, too. "Dressing up like Princess Leia" was not a choice. She and Sean arrive at the fire wok at the same time.

Paschal stumbles up to a question looking disoriented and on the verge of collapse. His question is, " Tattoo combs are made of pearly or human bones, but never animal bones." He knows that the answer is "false," and nabs a tiki.

Then follows a montage of quick answers: Neleh says "wood" and gets another tiki. Vecepia knows a warrior's most lethal battle weapon is a war club as opposed to the delightful-sounding "neck breaker." We see that Neleh now has her fourth tiki; she excitedly squeals, "Oh, my gosh!" as she collect it. Paschal nearly burns down the Marquesas by falling with his torch. Nothing ignites, further convincing me that those things are electric. Kathy knows what a mana stone is, so she also has four tikis, tying her with Neleh. They get their fifth questions right at exactly the same time, and take off for the finish line. We see a tiki fall out of Kathy's hands, but she doesn't notice. She reaches the finish line just steps ahead of Neleh, and immediately realizes that she's lost a tiki. Neleh shrieks, "Yes!" and starts celebrating with both arms raised; she then confusedly looks down and starts counting -- on her fingers, most likely -- her own tikis. And ha! She's missing one, too! They must have greased those suckers up, but I don't care as Peachy sends them both back to either find the tikis they dropped or answer a new question correctly. Meanwhile, he tells the others, "The game is still alive, guys! Make sure you hang on to your tikis!" Kathy finds her dropped tiki right away, while Neleh runs around aimlessly in circles. So Kathy wins after all, and yells, "It's so fun to win this game!" while making patterns in the air with her lit torch. Peachy delicately places the necklace around her neck, and says that it couldn't get any more valuable. A shrieking Kathy takes us to commercial.

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