A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Now Neleh and Paschal lie together on a makeshift bed and bitch about the situation. Neleh says it's "almost like a guilt thing," and Paschal responds, "It's like we owe 'em something," so I'm taking it he's not a supporter of affirmative action. He says that the situation gives him more resolve, and that Kathy would be a fool to fall for the others' argument. The camera then pulls back to reveal Vecepia sitting less than ten feet away from where this discussion is taking place. In a confessional, Paschal says that Vecepia is stupid if she thinks pulling the race card so late in the game will swing Kathy to her side; he says that Kathy wouldn't allow herself to be put in that spot, and that Vecepia's maneuvering is "sickening." ["I seriously had no idea what the hell Paschal thought Vecepia was doing, or why it was sickening, except that it looked as though the tide was turning against Paschal and Neleh." -- Wing Chun]

Now it's Neleh and Paschal's turn to kiss Kathy's butt, and I'm kind of amazed how well this has worked out for someone who irritated every single member of her tribe three minutes into the first day. Neleh complains that Sean's attitude drags her down, but makes no mention of the saggy bathing suit bottoms that have had the same effect on her in all the challenges. Neleh continues rambling, and Paschal -- well aware that no argument from Neleh is a good one -- cuts her off to get to the point. He says he's had no reason from the first day to believe either Vecepia or Sean, and Kathy agrees. Neleh -- who should really just keep her mouth shut -- says she would be "pukey sick" if Kathy aligned with the others. And I'm sure knowing that Neleh might throw up will weigh heavily in Kathy's decision-making. Kathy makes the Home Alone Macaulay Culkin hands-to-cheeks- mouth-wide-open face in response to all the confusion, and then voice-overs that she doesn't want to be "cast as the swing player who made the wrong vote." She tells us that she spends all her time figuring out how to play the game, and -- despite all the others' plays for her attention -- she's still looking out only for herself.

Now we see a pair of stilts propped up against a tree, and hear exclamations of dismay from Neleh, Kathy, and Paschal as they approach the treemail. They moan and discuss what it means while remaining a good distance away, and it's like they're afraid of getting any closer to the evil stilts. The clue reads:

Balance aim and cunning

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