A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Peachy knows they're tired, but he hopes the reward is worthy of the very long, strenuous race. Behind the S5, a big red boat looms in the background, and there's no way they wouldn't hear that thing approaching. Still, they act surprised as they turn around when Peachy yells, "Bring it down, guys!" The prize is a red Saturn Vue, which is not nearly so ugly as the cars they've won in the past. This one at least resembles a car, and not some kind of catastrophic breeding mistake. Peachy tells them the car is "fully loaded" with "all the extras," which, given that it's a Saturn may just mean that it has windows, doors, and a steering wheel. That's not meant as a jab at Saturn; I just thought they were the no-frills "for the people" car company. Peachy makes a point of saying that the car is for them to enjoy when they return home, in case they think they'll get to cruise around the island in it for the rest of their time there.

Peachy lines the S5 up, and the challenge begins. They start out running, but quickly slow to walks because they're so exhausted from all that lying around every day. Sean and Paschal both stack up and carry a bunch of tiki parts, while Neleh carries the pieces one at a time, perhaps having learned a lesson from her attempts to carry multiple coconuts in past episodes. Vecepia is off to a strong start, while Sean's and Neleh's tikis are also quickly taking shape. Paschal's tiki stands high, but he doesn't appear to be bothering to order the pieces correctly. Vecepia finishes the tiki and moves on to the coconut-smashing section, and Neleh moves on shortly after. Kathy self-deprecatingly laughs as she asks whether her tiki is constructed properly. You know she at least kind of thinks she has it right, but Peachy tells her it's not. Sean moves on next; Paschal, meanwhile, is just staring at his tiki, perhaps willing it with his eyes to move. Then Kathy's tiki is also a go; Paschal cheers her on, and then slowly tips his whole tiki tower over, so clearly he's given up. ["I got the impression he was never really trying, since he either doesn't want or doesn't need a new car and wanted someone else (read: Neleh) to win it." -- Wing Chun]

So everyone has moved on to the bamboo-filling challenge while Paschal remains behind, which is where he will stay. Sean is good at the coconut-smashing and finishes first. From this point on, it's his race.

Paschal is still at the first part of the challenge, staring at the tiki pieces and bumbling around, as Sean unties the knots which hold down the stilts and Peachy yells, "Nobody's close!" as Sean reaches the stilt-walking starting point. Peachy snits, "Let's see if you can do what you couldn't do a few weeks ago: walk on stilts!" And then Sean totally breezes through it on the first attempt, so either they've had stilts back at camp and have been practicing out of boredom, or these are a different, easier kind to use.

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