A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

We join a confused Kathy and a pissed-off Paschal, who snarks that Kathy shouldn't be confused because "this thing is so plain to [him]; it's sickening," which seems like no way to win over know-it-all Kathy's allegiance. She scoffs and asks him to fill her in. Paschal backs down slightly, insisting that it's his perspective, and that he would never ask her to "change a thing that's in her heart," but that something hit him hard last night: the realization that Vecepia and Sean have been playing the same game since Day 1. ["And...?" -- Wing Chun] He says, "We have been duped by Vecepia and Sean. They duped everybody else on the other side. They duped people on this side." ["HOW?! Okay, I give up." -- Wing Chun] In a confessional, Paschal tells us that Vecepia and Sean have been "skating" throughout the game, and that both Maraamu and Rotu members have had the same complaint. Kathy responds, "Oh, I just don't see that. Damn!" She doesn't sound particularly convincing, though, and clearly wants her butt kissed a little more. Paschal keeps going on, and then Kathy says she's naïve, which I don't really believe. Paschal tells us that Vecepia and Sean are trying to make Kathy feel like the swing vote, and I don't really see what's so wrong with that, considering she is the swing vote, isn't she? Wouldn't it be equally wrong for Paschal and Neleh to suddenly start acting like Kathy had all along been a third and equal partner in their alliance? In any case, Paschal insists that he doesn't give a damn about Sean and Vecepia's agenda, but that he's fed up with their denials of being in alliance. Paschal tells Kathy she shouldn't think for one second that she'd prevail in a final three with Sean and Vecepia. In a confessional, he then says, "Kathy, now, she's from Vermont. I'm from Georgia, and Sean from Harlem. This thing runs deeper than a game." And why was it okay by me when curmudgeonly old Rudy said something like that (I mean, I knew it was wrong, but it was Rudy!), and then gives me the wiggins when Paschal makes such a comment? Maybe because Paschal is an educated man charged with making judicial decisions every day, and a statement like this is hard to dismiss. It's clouded in minor ambiguity, so maybe I've misunderstood. Maybe Rosie will give him an opportunity to explain himself. Bryant would have had a field day with it, that's for sure. Anyway, Paschal tells us he's unwilling to "capitulate," and instead he plans to "dig in." He says that Sean and Vecepia are lying and deceptive, and that he'll vote them off the first chance he gets.

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