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A.K.A. The Plant

As Conrad scolds Nancy for fucking with him like that, another knock comes to the door. Conrad ruefully asks Andy whether that's DirectTV. Andy: "...Probably." Conrad stalks off to get rid of them, but after checking the peephole, he reports, "It's just Dean." He opens the door...and gets clocked square in the face. Dean stands there a second, enjoying the adrenaline spike, but as Conrad straightens back up, looking like he might not scruple to return the favour, Dean gets scared and hurries off. Conrad closes the door and tells Nancy he guesses they're square now. Doug complains that Dean doesn't have to clean. If a roll with Celia excuses you from cleaning a grow house to Conrad's exactly specifications, it's probably worth it. Even if she bit you. Which, let's face it, she probably would.

Apparently around dawn, Shane shoves Andy awake and tells him that everyone in his grade has gotten a handjob. Andy groggily congratulates him, asking how it was, but Shane clarifies that he means everyone except himself. Andy tells him not to worry about it, saying that when Shane wins the Pulitzer Prize, he'll be combing girls out of his moustache. Shane says he can't wait that long, and Andy gets a devilish look and tells Shane not to say Andy isn't a good uncle. Well, SHANE isn't going to say that.

Morning Chez Hodes. Celia is enjoying a mimosa when Dean comes in from the patio, with his briefcase, acting like he's going to work, babbling about the deposition he's going to take even as Celia turns on the answering machine to play a couple of messages from Dean's office, making it clear that he's been let go. Finally, Dean gives up, and says that he was the one to recommend that they downsize: "I gave my life to that firm!" Celia: "How could you do this to me?" Maybe she'd take it better if she knew he'd gone out in a blaze of bridge-burning glory, as Celia would under the same circumstances. You know, if she worked.

Heylia's. The lady of the house is cutting up limes (I think), complaining that Joseph hasn't called. Nancy asks whether he said he was going to, and Heylia says she told him to, and he said he didn't have the number, and Heylia said she was listed. She hasn't left the house for two days, and curses herself for being so pathetic. Nancy giggles that it's cute, and that if Joseph wasn't working for the destruction of the white race, she'd really be rooting for him and Heylia. Hee. Heylia distractedly says that he doesn't mean that stuff, and when Nancy's like, "...Okay," Heylia sighs that she just likes him. Nancy agrees that sometimes you just fall for the wrong person, touched by little things like his smell or the way he carries little packets of tissue in his pocket. Heylia surmises that Nancy is seeing someone, and Nancy makes like she's dating the sexagenarian neighbour Celia had recommended. Heylia says that at least Nancy will be getting some; even if Heylia does get further with Joseph, she won't get a leg over in "Allah knows how long." She adds, "Still, gives you a reason to get dressed in the morning."

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