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The Bridezilla Who Wasn't

Factzilla: In Greek culture, a sugar cube in a bride's glove will sweeten her marriage. But wouldn't it melt and get sticky during the ceremony? ["Maybe you can put it in a teeny little Ziploc?" -- Sars]

It's the day of the wedding and everyone is getting ready at Angela's house. Mindy says, "This picky bride is still aiming for perfection." You know what, Mindy? Just tell me you didn't try to look perfect on your wedding day. Sheesh, this is so ham-handed. Angela's mom arrives and starts crying but Angela harps on her to stop so that her eyes don't get puffy. Her eyes are glistening too, and she's smiling. She tries to look annoyed, but doesn't do a very good job since she looks too happy. John then calls her to check in. He tells her seriously that one of the groomsmen has just been taken to jail -- he was pulled over for a parking ticket and they found an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He lets this soak in for a second and then tells her that he's totally kidding. She's completely freaked out and trying to be stern with him about how unfunny he is, but eventually she's laughing as she's yelling. I just love these two together, though she defies the point of this show. (Because she defies the point of this show, perhaps.)

Her one actual freak-out moment comes when she's dressed and there's a knock at the door where John threatens to come in the room. She yells at him, and really looks like she's going to cry for a moment before she can compose herself. But again, she's getting a pass on this, since she's at the point in time now where it's all happening and she wants to uphold tradition. She also composes herself really quickly and is back to beaming smiles. Her hair is up in a bun and her dress is strapless and beaded, and she looks absolutely beautiful. Her makeup is amazing. She smiles and orders herself to not cry, and then orders the same of her mom for good measure. With that, her bridesmaids (looking lovely in chocolate brown satin strapless dresses) help her into the limo. The missing/not-missing bridesmaid? Never mentioned, but it also really doesn't seem to matter either way -- everyone's just happy and excited. Her mom falls asleep from allergy medicine and Angela does seem a bit vexed, but seems to shrug it off.

At the church, John and her father joke about his changing his mind, and he looks just as thrilled as she does. She worries about him seeing her before the ceremony, but he's gone, and her parents walk her down the aisle and the ceremony goes off without a hitch. When he sees her, John manages to grin with his whole body.

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