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The Bridezilla Who Wasn't

At the conclusion of the ceremony they both break into grins and kiss and whisper to each other, and Mom finally has her moment to sob. The happy couple can only say how "amazing" it was and how they have no words. Has she brushed him off to make sure the reception plans are in place? Is she looking at a seating chart? No? Again I say, not a bridezilla. When they get into the luxury car waiting to take them to the reception, John leans in and asks, "This is awesome, huh?" She answers, "Yeah, it's pretty cool." I want to hug them both.

At the elegant reception hall, John swings her around and they're shown dancing (among a shower of money -- can I do that?) and eating cake. There's no evidence of any family tension like was mentioned earlier -- rather, everyone looks happy for the couple. During the montage, there's a shot of her in her reception dress among all of the shots of her dancing in her wedding gown, and I'm surprised that they didn't make a point of her changing her clothes after the buildup about the second dress. Oh, wait a second. Mindy has just told us that now it's time to change, and she heads out of the room and her 'maids help her into the slinky gown. That is some crack editing right there. Though Mindy tries to tell us, "John seems doubtful about this less-than-demure and expensive move," he seems more confused that she changed than upset about what she's wearing. They head off, hand-in-hand. In their final interview, he admits that they ended up about 40 percent over their budget. Like Mr. S said last week, that's a heck of a lot of money, but they don't seem to be worried and they seem to be able to afford it, so whatever floats their boat.

In a last desperate bid to try and portray her as a bridezilla, Jennifer the wedding planner (who? Have we even met this woman before?) says, "Angela's a bridezilla because she wanted everything perfect. She's a perfectionist and she had the perfect wedding." Well, yeah. And she was nice to everyone and everyone there with her seems totally happy. You misfired, admit it, WE, and I reaped the benefits by getting to watch a lovely couple have a lovely wedding. Unfortunately, it looks like there's enough screaming coming up next week to make up for it.

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