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Crap from Africa

Ethan tells us that he's always wanted to push for success and be the best. He never thought he'd end up playing professional soccer, and we see pictures, including one in which he had cute bleached hair. He recounts his soccer history and tells us that when he was on a team in Zimbabwe, he was one of only two white people in the whole league. We then see a team picture in which one of his teammates is giving him a dirty look. Ethan tells us that walking into a stadium full of 150,000 people is uplifting for him; whenever he steps on the field or puts on his cleats, he derives energy from doing something he loves. As we see clips of Ethan in Africa, he voice-overs that "Survivor is a brilliant game." He says you are hungry, tired, dirty, and thirsty all the time, trying to make friends with people and perform in challenges, while also watching your back at the same time. Still, he concludes, "You don't have to be an evil back-stabbing person to do well in this game. You can be a nice, honest, genuine person and become the ultimate Survivor." Word.

We get another plug for the lovely Marquesas, coming February 28. We're going "back to the beach!" and I hope to see you all there. Rudy won't be there, though. Sigh. Have a great month, anyway!

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