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Lesson Seven: If You Can't Say Anything Well…

Adam and Clay continue to discuss it, and Adam goes into detail about the hows and whys, but does it ham-fistedly enough that I don't really think Clay grasps what he's saying: "Being a tight-ass and all that...I wasn't sure how I...honestly, I personally…" Which, if you aren't thinking in terms of Jews being tight with money, and why would you be, doesn't give a whole lot of background, and I can see it coming off to Clay like, "Please do not use the word 'Jew' at all for the rest of your life." Which is pretty much the face, and response, that Clay gives: "It wasn't meant to, so...if I need to apologize to you, I apologize," which I usually hate, but he looks so damn lost here I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Just this once.

Clay interviews, "Multiple times throughout the presentation, Adam said 'I am the conservative Jewish boy...I grew up in a small Jewish family in Atlanta,' and all I did was play off know what, I'll be sensitive to it, but at some point he needs to learn to relax." Which is either, you know, the worst thing anyone has ever said, or completely in line with the previous paragraph: he knows he fucked up, but he's not sure how, and he's still not getting the main point, which is that if somebody on your own team found it offensive, it's a sure bet people in the audience had the same reading, which is Adam's eventual point once he calms down. At least with Adam he can talk it out, but seminar-wise, that ship has sailed. The cards are filled out, and there's no way to get them back into the room for some kind of post-mortem explanation of his off-putting, unfunny, awkward and potentially insulting comments -- which is why you fucking muzzle it in a situation like that.

Into the Boardroom! Markus opens the door for Rebecca, and Carolyn is dressed as a flapper. She's wearing a boob-centric gold-detailed dress and looks like twenty million bucks, which is how much I said the sports industry is worth last week, even though clearly I meant twenty billion. Trump emerges from his usual creepy pit of darkness and is seated before he fakely notices Carolyn and gets all, "Whoa whoa! What have we here?" Carolyn smirks that he's "not the only one who dresses in tuxedoes to go out," which causes a tiny blip because that was weirdly worded, and she informs everyone that she has "a dinner at Trump National Golf Course" this evening. He tells her it's a beautiful dress and quickly jumps on Markus about how Adam did as PM.

"Um, at times good, at times he showed his inexperience." That's the shortest sentence Markus ever tried to say. Clay says that he was "impressed with Adam," and half-backhands that he "really grew a lot." I don't think this was an intentional swipe at Adam's age -- see "Clay's inability to say things the best possible way," above -- but it's funny. Marshawn and Brian, on the Excel side, say that Randal was a great PM, "as always." Carolyn looks very disapproving as she describes the Capital Edge project: "Capital Edge taught a class called Sex At Work." Consider Trump's attention gotten.

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