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Fifty years, and it's come to this

Carolyn chastises Tana for not making any use of the artist or the artist's fan base. Trump agrees, and he says that they might have even had a better shirt, in which case their marketing failure is even worse. Alex says that he told Tana they needed to come up with a marketing plan, but Tana was freaking out over perfecting the shirt so much that she didn't pay any attention. Which appeared to be sort of true. Trump says that you have to do both, and Alex agrees. Tana agrees that they lost the task on marketing, and she says that in previous tasks, Alex had been "the marketer." So of course, she figured he would be here, too. "I assumed that he was the marketer, he was the marketing king," she says. "I figured he would have covered all the areas," she says, with her blush still totally distracting me. Trump asks her whether she just assumed Alex would do marketing, or whether she put him in charge. She claims to have put him in charge, but Alex insists that she didn't. Trump asks Alex who was in charge of marketing, and Alex says nobody was. "That's probably the most accurate answer given tonight," Trump says. Trump sends them out so he can talk to the Viceroys. As they leave, Tana whispers, "My beads, they didn't like my beads!" Okay, when you're already the lady who glues rhinestones on t-shirts and says "bling" inappropriately, you can't really afford to talk to yourself a whole lot.

George says he thinks Alex showed "more fire," and they agree that Tana has none. Carolyn says that Tana is a good salesperson, and a "nice, sweet person," but when Trump asks if she can see Tana working for him, Carolyn says she can't, really, after the conversation they just had. He has Robin send Alex and Tana back in.

Trump asks Tana why the other team killed her in marketing, and Tana says that it happened because the other team targeted the art galleries and marketed the shirts as art. "Why aren't you blaming Alex?" he demands to know. Because Trump loves blaming, of course. Tana says she is -- he asked who was in charge of marketing, and she said Alex was. Alex protests that he told Tana they needed to take a minute and think through the marketing issue. And she wouldn't, because she wanted to go to Staten Island. This causes Trump to ask what was up with Staten Island, so Tana has to tell him. You know, how Manhattan was out of sparkly things. "You couldn't have gotten them in Manhattan?" he asks. "No, they were sold out," Tana says. "Sold…out," Trump says in disbelief. And, heh, exactly. Trump calls this "inconceivable," that in the world's fashion capital, there were no sparkly things. Furthermore, if Manhattan ever ran out of sparkly things, Trump would die. Tana defends herself by saying she was looking for the machine, the Bedazzler itself, but Trump returns to what a long trip that is, and how dumb it was when time was short. Carolyn asks Tana whether she ever stopped to think whether maybe she was spending a little too much time on the bead aspect, and needed to put energy elsewhere. Tana starts to babble, and Carolyn says, "Tana, they're beads. They're five little beads, on a t-shirt." Tana insists they made a difference, and Trump says that they certainly did make a difference -- they took up so much of her time that she didn't get her ass in gear, sales-wise. Alex jumps in, probably unwisely, trying to pile on with the fact that they should have sat down and figured out a marketing plan of some kind.

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