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Fifty years, and it's come to this

Tana says that it just never occurred to them to treat their pop artist like he was making art. "And whose fault is that, you or Alex?" Trump asks. She says that it was both of their faults. Trump points out that she was the leader. Alex agrees, actually, that it was both of their faults. Trump tells Tana that frankly, beads on a shirt isn't really what he's about. You know, as a guy. He says it's not like Alex is a star, but she's concerned with how Tana will deal with "killer people." Tana insists that she isn't intimidated by anyone, and has known her share of people with "power and money." "I'm great at what I do," she insists. She rattles off her business credentials, and how her businesses are successful. "I am a fighter; I'm just a nice person," she says. Bleh. She's really not that nice. She then says that her record is better than Alex's. She was PM three times, and she won twice.

Now, Trump turns to Alex and asks him how many times he's lost as PM. Alex says that as PM, he's at one loss and one win. "I think you've lost twice as project manager, haven't you?" Trump asks. Alex was the PM on the wearable technology, which he remembered, and then he was also the PM at Staples, which I think he forgot simply because when there are only two people on your team, you don't feel so PM-ish. Trump starts in about how Alex can't possibly not remember losing, blah dee blah. "Has losing gotten so commonplace to you?" Alex laughs, but Trump is serious. Alex is in trouble for this shit. Of all the shit Alex has done, he is in trouble for this. Alex says that the losses bother him, and then he tries to rescue himself by talking about all the losses Herschel Walker had when Trump owned the New Jersey Generals, blah blah blah, win-loss record isn't everything, blah blah blah, great player on weak team. Alex insists, nevertheless, that he's a "born leader."

Trump returns to why Alex would "misrepresent" his record, which is so stupid, because it's so goddamn obvious that it wasn't on purpose. Trump berates Alex some more about this, and ultimately, he tells Tana that she was horrible this week, but in recent weeks, she was better. Trump insists that Tana "came up with the ideas and did most of the selling." Pfft. Ideas that took away from what they should have been doing! Trump chooses this week to accuse Alex of sitting back and waiting for Tana to fail. And there have certainly been much more egregious examples of that than there are here, so that doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense.

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