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Fifty years, and it's come to this

So Alex is fired. Which is fine, I guess, but feels unsatisfying, because that was not the reason to fire Alex. Alex was supposed to get fired for being a choad, not for being unable to remember his win-loss record. Trump throws them out of the Boardroom. In the lobby, Tana goes up, and Alex goes down. There are no goodbyes. Alex gets into his cab. There is also no Viceroy conversation. Hmm.

Alex's goodbye interview is maybe the weirdest ever. He insists that he's learned that you can set up a business in 24 hours, and it's almost like he's kidding. And he says also that he has a million business ideas he wants to get off the ground right now. (The entire world, in unison: "The Pack Rat!") "I feel like I'm released…completely released," he says. Ew. Right then? Gross.

Next week: Interviews. You know, this season is taking for-fucking-ever.

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