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Fifty years, and it's come to this

As they're leaving at the end of the day, when it's too late to fix anything, Craig starts bitching about the way Kendra managed time, and he insists that he gave her suggestions, but that she scheduled the day the way she wanted. She asks him what things he brought up that he thinks were important, and because he's clearly lying through his teeth about having done it at all, he says, "It's irrelevant, it's gone -- that time is gone!" She tells him she'd like to know, because she doesn't feel like he made her aware of what he was concerned about. "Kendra," he says with utter condescension, "can't you understand you can't hear from me?" So…is he admitting that he didn't actually tell her, but that he thought about telling her and only didn't because she wouldn't listen, and she's somehow on the hook for that? He is such an ass, I swear. He goes on to bitch about how she doesn't listen to him, and she shoots him looks when he tries to talk, and all of that nonsense. Carolyn looks on. Carolyn then interviews that the two of them clearly aren't communicating at all, and their inability to deal with each other is potentially going to hold them back as far as the task. And…seriously. If she was really there for any of that, I can't imagine that Carolyn didn't file that away in the vault, and I can't imagine it didn't reflect more poorly on Craig than on Kendra, because he looked like a total…well, right. Jerk.

Craig and Kendra are still arguing as they get on the elevator, and he insists that she specifically goes out of her way to go the opposite direction from whatever he suggests. Which is patent bullshit, given that she raised the price of the shirts at his suggestion. It's not like she lowered them. He's completely making this up, and one can only hope he's duly embarrassed by it in retrospect, because he has no argument. Kendra asks him again to tell her what he thinks she didn't pay attention to, and he tells her again that "it's irrelevant," because he's still full of shit. His only suggestion is that they have a heart on the shirt after he specifically told her to do the star. So unless she does exactly what he says, she's clearly not listening. No such thing as making a different choice in her capacity as PM -- nope. She's not listening unless she obeys. Typical, and condescending, and -- I fear -- quite a bit sexist.

And then there's this great moment in which Kendra looks at an interviewer and says, "Is it me, or is Craig just a butthole?" And they bleep it out, but she emphasizes the word "butthole" with such enthusiasm that you couldn't miss it unless you were watching a different channel. She adds that because there are only two people on the team, she has nobody to back her up and tell her whether she's being crazy in thinking that he's kind of a dick. Dear Kendra: He's a dick. Sincerely, Miss A. They get in the cab, and they're still arguing. Sigh.

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