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Scoop, the next day. Magna is setting up to sell. Kendra tells us that the task was about selling "wearable art." She reminds us that only 288 of these were made, and that's what you want to emphasize. Until, that is, they start selling them at Wal-Mart. (Oh, no. I'm not linking to it. You can find it yourself.) Craig sets up a display that shows the design, and…again, I'm sure pop art is very cool, and I'm sure somebody could tell me why this is supposed to be cool, but again? I would say…this design is lame. At least, "not impressive." If asked to treat it as art, I would decline. I might buy it on the theory that it was a real artist's doodle. (Not that I'm advocating auctioning off the doodles of real artists, or of anyone else, because that's an invasion of privacy.) George comes to visit them, and Kendra tells him that they emailed a bunch of collectors in the city to try to get them to come out. She also says that they're getting ready to "educate" anybody who doesn't already know who the artist is.

They move a few shirts, and Craig tells one guy that the shirts are $25 for the short-sleeved and $35 for the hoodies. Craig says that the decision they made to get the art people into it was a good decision, so at least he's happy with something that went on today. Another woman buys two, and when Craig goes into the cash box, he…maybe doesn't find change? Or something, because he tells the woman that although she's got two hoodies she's buying, he'll give them to her for $60. That's $10 off, you'll note. And it's after the woman has already agreed to buy, so it's not a negotiation. The way the woman is apologizing, I get the sense that it was exactly a change issue, and he just didn't bother figuring out what to do, and just gave her back her last $20 instead of finding $10. Kendra overhears this and comes over to Craig, asking him not to give discounts, since they need every dollar in order to win the task. He tells her that he was only doing it for "multiples," and then snots that it was because she was so worried that the price was too high. And if you think about what a dick move that was if he really did have basically a making-change issue, which I think he did, it will really start to annoy you, I predict. It annoyed me. Not only that, but he uses the naturally condescending word "appease" in claiming he was trying to "appease" Kendra on the price, so…that sucks, too. He sucks!

Net Worth. Alex constitutes "marketing," and he's basically out on the sidewalk bothering people. Great job! He sets up a big sign and just starts hanging out. Inside, Tana giggles that she really hopes everyone likes the glued-on beads. And her explanation of how the rhinestones make the shirt more "ooh," and "a little fancier," is so irritating, she could be a Bravo reality show star. "You feel like you're wearing diamonds," she says. HA HA HA! Yeah. Totally. Diamonds glued onto your t-shirt. That's exactly how it feels. Outside, Alex tries to stop a few people, but they're all totally uninterested. And I can't really blame them. Tana shows a woman inside their shirts, and after talking the woman into the shirt, she asks if the woman would like Tana to "stud [it] up" for her. Eww. The woman agrees, but she looks kind of skeptical. Tana claims in an interview that they sold more of the rhinestone shirts than the non-rhinestone shirts. Nothing like glued-on rhinestones that interfere with the art and make the thing much harder to wash. Tana shows off their shirt for George, and Tana reports that the men's shirts are $42.99, and the women's shirts are $54.99. Because of the rhinestones. Bleeeech. George interviews that he thinks the task will be won on price -- Net Worth picked a price about twice as high as Magna's, so they'll have to see how it pans out. And…not twice the price, but I get the idea. "I don't know," he says. "We'll see."

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